Upcoming Public Hearing Details

Upcoming Public Hearing Details

In accordance with Tribunal Procedural Rule 11 – Review hearing of defence honour may be public or private:

 (1) Subject to a direction of the Chair under subrule (2), a hearing of a review of a reviewable decision in relation to a defence honour must be conducted in public.

Notice is hereby given of the following upcoming Tribunal public hearings:Those who wish to attend any of the listed hearings are asked to contact the Tribunal on (02) 6266 1019 or dha.tribunal@defence.gov.au to register their attendance.

Day and Date Matter Venue Starting Time
12 Sep 2017 Reid and the Department of Defence, service with 7 RAR in Vietnam,        30 April 1970 Vibe Hotel

Canberra Airport Precinct

18/19 Sep 2017 Cain and the Department of Defence, service in HMAS Westralia,               5 May 1998 Novotel Langley

221 Adelaide Terrace


12/13 Oct 2017 Inquiry into Unit Recognition for Service with the Royal Australian Navy Helicopter Flight Vietnam Quest apartments

Kinghorne St




by Ken McFadyen
Oil on canvas on hardboard, 1968

RAAF's first operation over North Korea
Robert Taylor
Oil on canvas, 1986