Able Seaman Dalmorton Joseph Owendale Rudd

Able Seaman Dalmorton Joseph Owendale Rudd
Dalmorton Rudd

Dalmorton Joseph Owendale Rudd was born in Sydney on 14 June 1896 and joined the Royal Australian Navy in October 1913. 

While serving in HMAS Australia at the end of February 1918, Leading Seaman Rudd volunteered for special duty with the Royal Navy and on 22/23 April 1918 Rudd took part in the shore raid of the German fortifications at Zeebrugge.  The gallantry of Rudd and those serving with him led to their participation in one of a number of ballots to select a sailor for the award of the Victoria Cross.  For his part in the raid, Rudd was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal. 

On 12 May 1919, as a punishment for committing a breach of discipline, Rudd was deprived of his second Good Conduct Badge and was demoted to Able Seaman.  Rudd was subsequently involved in a mutiny on HMAS Australia and on pleading guilty was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment.  He was granted an early release and discharged from the Navy on 20 December 1919. 

In 2011, Rudd was listed in the Terms of Reference for the Inquiry into unresolved recognition for past acts of naval and military gallantry and valour.  The following is a link to Chapter 16 of the Report of the Inquiry which focusses on Rudd.

Chapter 16 – Able Seaman Dalmorton Joseph Owendale Rudd


Submissions Received

The Tribunal received four submissions that made reference to Rudd.

Submission 99 – Mr Graham Wilson

Submission 123 – Mr Peter Cooke-Russell, National Vice-President, The Naval Association of Australia

Submission 124 – Mr Richard Pelvin

Submission 142 – Mr Graham Harris, National President, The Navy League of Australia


Photo of Dalmorton Rudd courtesy of Mrs Cheryl Langford.

by Ken McFadyen
Oil on canvas on hardboard, 1968

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Robert Taylor
Oil on canvas, 1986