Acting Leading Seaman Ronald Taylor

Acting Leading Seaman Ronald Taylor

Acting Leading Seaman Ronald Taylor


Ronald ‘Buck’ Taylor joined the RAN when he was 17, and in 1939 was posted to the sloop HMAS Yarra.  In 1942, Taylor was captain of Yarra‘s No. 2 gun.  Yarra served in the Mediterranean, and returned to the Pacific when Japan entered the war. 

In early February 1942, Yarra rescued survivors from a stricken troopship, Empress of Asia, and Taylor received praise for his action during the rescue.  On 4 March, Yarra was escorting a convoy that came under attack from a large Japanese surface force, and was severely damaged.  Taylor ignored the order to abandon ship and remained alone at his gun, firing continually until he was killed shortly before Yarra sank.  Taylor did not receive an award for this action.  

In 2011, Taylor was listed in the Terms of Reference for the Inquiry into unresolved recognition for past acts of naval and military gallantry and valour.  The following is a link to Chapter 24 of the Report of the Inquiry which focusses on Taylor:

Chapter 24 – Acting Leading Seaman Ronald Taylor

This Chapter should be read in conjunction with Chapter 21, HMAS Yarra.

Chapter 21 – HMAS Yarra


Submissions Received

The Tribunal received  14 written submissions in relation to Acting Leading Seaman Taylor.  These submissions are listed below.

Submission 045 – Commander Greg Swinden RAN

Submission 045A – Commander Greg Swinden RAN

Submission 054 – Mr Garry Taylor

Submission 054A – Mr Garry Taylor

Submission 054B – Mr Garry Taylor

Submission 054C – Mr Garry Taylor

Submission 086 – Mr John Bradford

Submission 092 – Mr Michael Carlton

Submission 099 – Mr Graham Wilson Annex I_Taylor

Submission 111 – Mr R E Popple

Submission 124 – Mr Richard Pelvin

Submission 172 – Mr Angus Walsh

Submission 172A – Mr Angus Walsh

Submission 185 – Mr Ralph Bull

Submission 185A – Mr Ralph Bull

by Ken McFadyen
Oil on canvas on hardboard, 1968

RAAF's first operation over North Korea
Robert Taylor
Oil on canvas, 1986