HMAS Yarra

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Because the actions concerning Lieutenant Commander Rankin, Lieutenant Commander Smith and Leading Seaman Taylor all took place in HMAS Yarra, the Tribunal first examined the circumstances concerning the ship’s actions.  On 5 February 1942 Yarra took part in a challenging and rskiy action to rescue 1804 men from the blazing transport, Empress of Asia, during a Japanese air attack while approaching Singapore.  A month later, on 4 March 1942, Yarra was escorting a small convoy of three other ships when they were intercepted by a large Japanese naval force.  Attempting to protect its convoy, Yarra engaged the enemy but was heavily outgunned and was sunk.  Of Yarra‘s total complement of 8 officers and 143 men, plus 40 survivors from another vessel, only 34 managed to escape to two rafts.  Of these 34 men, only 13 survived by the time they were rescued by a Dutch submarine.

The below is a link to Chapter 21 of the Report of the Inquiry which focusses on Yarra.

Chapter 21 – HMAS Yarra

The Tribunal received 29 written submissions in relation to HMAS Yarra

Submissions Received

Submission 008 – Mr Bernard Higgins

Submission 045 – Commander Greg Swinden RAN

Submission 045A – Commander Greg Swinden RAN

Submission 054 – Mr Garry Taylor

Submission 054A – Mr Garry Taylor

Submission 054B – Mr Garry Taylor

Submission 054C – Mr Garry Taylor

Submission 086 – Mr John Bradford

Submission 092 – Mr Michael Carlton

Submission 099 – Mr Graham Wilson Annex G_Rankin

Submission 099 – Mr Graham Wilson Annex H_Smith

Submission 099 – Mr Graham Wilson Annex I_Taylor

Submission 101 – Mr Gary Woodman

Submission 106 – Dr Tom Lewis

Submission 111 – Mr R E Popple

Submission 122 – Mr Clement Rankin

Submission 122A – Mr Clement Rankin

Submission 123 – The Naval Association of Australia

Submission 124 – Mr Richard Pelvin

Submission 142 – Mr Graham Harris – Navy League of Australia

Submission 163 – Ms Patricia Rankin

Submission 167 – Mr Peter Ingman

Submission 167A – Mr Peter Ingman

Submission 167B – Mr Peter Ingman

Submission 172 – Mr Angus Walsh

Submission 172A – Mr Angus Walsh

Submission 185 – Mr Ralph Bull

Submission 185A – Mr Ralph P Bull

Submission 197 – Ms Jennifer Witheriff

Submission 217 – Mr Peter Rankin_1

Submission 217 – Mr Peter Rankin_2

Submission 217 – Mr Peter Rankin_3

Submission 217 – Mr Peter Rankin_4

Submission 217 – Mr Peter Rankin_5

Submission 239 – Mr Rick Parry

by Ken McFadyen
Oil on canvas on hardboard, 1968

RAAF's first operation over North Korea
Robert Taylor
Oil on canvas, 1986