The Tribunal is an independent statutory body established to consider defence honours and awards matters.

An individual is able to apply directly to the Tribunal for an independent review of a decision of the Department of Defence concerning eligibility for a defence honour, defence award, or foreign award.

The Government is also able to refer general eligibility issues to the Tribunal for inquiry and recommendation.


Part VIIIC of the Defence Act 1903 sets out the Tribunal’s powers.


In reviewing eligiblity for a defence award (such as a campaign or long service award) and foreign awards the Tribunal is able to affirm a decision, revoke a decision, substitute a new decision or vary a decision.

In reviewing eligibility for defence honours (such as a gallantry or distinguished service award) the Tribunal may make recommendations to Government to affirm, revoke, substitute or vary the Department’s initial decision.


At the conclusion of an inquiry the Tribunal will provide a report to Government outlining its findings and any recommendations.

The Tribunal’s Code of Conduct

The Tribunal’s code of conduct can be found here.



Mr Stephen Skehill was appointed as the Chair of the Defence Honours and Awards Appeals Tribunal in 2020.  Mr Skehill’s career spans 28 years in the Australian Public Service and 23 years in private legal practice and consultancy.  His public service positions have included Principal Member of the Veterans’ Review Board, Australian Government Solicitor and Secretary of the Attorney-General’s Department.  As Special Counsel with the major law firm now known as King & Wood Mallesons he specialised in administrative law, air and space law and telecommunications law.  He has also conducted numerous inquiries into public service structures, procedures and performance.


Ms Lumb was appointed as a Member of the Defence Honours and Awards Appeals Tribunal in 2017.

Ms Lumb is currently a part-time member of the Veterans’ Review Board. She has 20 years’ experience in both legal and policy roles across a range of Commonwealth Government agencies.

Ms Lumb worked with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade from 1998-2011, including serving on diplomatic posting in Chile from 2001-2004. She also served on the Defence Abuse Response Taskforce in 2014-15.


Ms Anne Trengove was appointed as a Member of the Defence Honours and Awards Appeals Tribunal in 2017.

Ms Trengove is currently a Senior Member of the Veteran’s Review Board, having been appointed in 2014. She was admitted to practice law in 1996. She has appeared as prosecuting counsel for the Office of Public Prosecutions, SA in the Supreme and District Courts. She also worked in private practice and on behalf of the Ministry of Defence in London, UK for the Treasury Solicitor.

Ms Trengove was appointed as a Sessional Member of the South Australian Civil and Appeals Tribunal in 2020.

Ms Trengove has been a Reserve Legal Officer in the Royal Australian Air Force for 20 years and holds the rank of Group Captain and the position of Adelaide Panel Leader.


Allan du Toit was appointed to the Tribunal in May 2021.  He retired from the Royal Australian Navy as a Rear Admiral in early 2016 after 40 years combined service in two Commonwealth navies. He was born and raised in South Africa and entered the South African Navy in 1975. He joined the RAN in 1987 and commanded HMAS Tobruk during peacekeeping operations in Bougainville in 1998, the Australian Amphibious Task Group, the multi-national maritime interception force enforcing UN sanctions against Iraq, Combined Task Force 158 in the Persian Gulf, and Border Protection Command. He also served in a wide range of single-service and joint appointments ashore including Deputy Chief of Joint Operations, Head of Navy Capability and Head of Navy People. His final appointment was as Australia’s Military Representative to NATO in Brussels. Allan is currently non-executive director and chair of two defence industry companies, JFD Australia and Sonartech Atlas Australia. He is also the Strategic Maritime Adviser to the Northern Territory Government. Allan has written and lectured on historical and contemporary defence, naval and maritime affairs both in Australia and abroad and has recently been awarded his doctorate in naval history at the UNSW Canberra where he is a Visiting Fellow, Adjunct Lecturer and member of the Naval Studies Group. He served as President of the Australian Naval Institute from 2011-13.


Major General Mark Kelly was appointed to the Tribunal in July 2021. He retired from the Army in June 2010 after 36 years as an Infantry officer. His senior command appointments include: Commanding Officer, 1st Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment; Commander 3rd Brigade; Commander 1st Division; Land Commander Australia; and Commander Joint Task Force 633. His operational service includes: Zimbabwe/Rhodesia in 1979/1980; East Timor with INTERFET in 1999/2000; in the Middle East Area of Operations including Iraq, the Horn of Africa and Afghanistan in 2003/2004 and 2009/2010. He also served as the Repatriation Commissioner at the Department of Veteran Affairs from July 2010 until June 2019.


Air Commodore Grady was appointed as a Member of the Defence Honours and Awards Appeals Tribunal in July 2021.

Air Commodore Grady separated from Air Force in 2015 after 35 years of service as a pilot, with experience in rotary wing and strike aircraft. He has extensive command experience, principally within Air Combat Group and has filled a range of staff positions within Air Force, Air Command and the joint force. He has completed a number of operational tours in the Middle East. Air Commodore Grady has worked in Defence Industry, and holds two Masters degrees.


Ms Karen Fryar was appointed to the Tribunal in July 2021.

Ms Fryar recently retired after 26 years as a magistrate and coroner in the Australian Capital Territory. She had also previously been a presidential member of a number of ACT tribunals including the Mental Health Tribunal and the Guardianship and Management of Property Tribunal. Prior to being appointed to the bench of the ACT Magistrates Court, Ms Fryar’s early legal career covered time in private practice, the Australian Government Solicitor and the ACT Legal Aid Office.

In January 2020 Ms Fryar was appointed as the President of the Legal Aid Commission (ACT), and she also currently convenes mediations in civil litigation.



AVM Smart is a physician, health leader, and retired Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) senior officer. Her 35-year RAAF career included many overseas deployments and culminated in the role of Surgeon General of the ADF.

AVM Smart is currently Professor, Military and Aerospace Medicine and Public Health Lead – COVID Response Office at the Australian National University. In addition, she is: President, Australasian College of Aerospace Medicine; Honorary Professorial Fellow, University of Melbourne; and Strategic Advisor – LGBTI Inclusion, Department of Defence. She is also a member of various advisory and steering groups, including: the Australian Space Agency’s Technical Advisory Group on Space Medicine & Life Sciences; the Australian Football League’s Mental Health Steering Group; the Health Security Systems Australia, Divisional Advisory Panel; the Australian War Memorial Development Project Veterans’ Advisory Group; and the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Veteran’s Advisory Group